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InnoVet Labs designs and builds innovative solutions using out-of-the-box thinking to solve your most pressing needs.

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InnoVet Labs is committed to providing leading-edge technology solutions that address your critical needs. We consider your organizational and business objectives – it must make sense and improve the bottom-line! Our teams are highly skilled in the latest web and mobile app technologies.



As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, you need a partner that fully understands its past, present and future state. InnoVet Labs excels in the latest healthcare technologies and maintains domain expertise and compliancy with HIPAA and other relevant regulations.

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SMB Market

InnoVet Labs caters to
small- and medium-sized businesses by helping them optimize operational workflows and improve customer interactions through the latest web and mobile

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InnoVet Labs is a certified veteran-owned small business familiar with government contracts, regulations and protocols. We have experience complying with these standards and understand the unique requirements associated with government contracts.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Robert (Jake) Moon

Director Business Development

After managing several multi-million dollar P&L’s and excelling in Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Fortune 500 companies, Jake now brings his skills and expertise to help start-ups and entrepreneurs navigate the new technological waters. His focuses include web & mobile apps, analytics, social media, cloud and IoT (and, other technologies). Based in Saint Charles, Illinois (USA), Jake brings his work and life experience from all over the world to think globally, but act locally for the success of your business.

Ankit Shukla

CTO and Delivery

Passionate about technology and always looking to discuss new and exciting ideas. From understanding a client’s requirements to launching the project, Ankit is involved in every phase of the work. Ankit is the best of both worlds. He brings a fresh perspective to age-old business challenges with working experience unusual for his generation. Ankit understands the different technological requirements prevalent today, and better yet, how to orchestrate and conduct a perfect technological symphony.

Karen MacGrandle

Marketing Director

Karen brings over thirty years of experience working in management and marketing positions in various fields including advertising agency, print company, technical library, meeting management company, office equipment/services regional headquarters and more to help solve your marketing needs. How to get into your customers mind, and how to grab their attention in an over-saturated environment, are just a sampling of questions she is best at answering.

At Your Service

Web apps

A well-designed application is of paramount importance to user adoption. Without an awesome user-interface, adoptability will be marginal at best – which means you don’t even get out of the starting blocks! InnoVet Labs has a stable of topline designers at its disposal. Let us show you!

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Open Source

InnoVet Labs understands that cost and efficiency are important factors in developing a web and mobile app. Therefore, we always consider using open source tools and frameworks whenever possible and appropriate. Why re-invent the wheel when something is already out there!

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Mobile apps

InnoVet Labs can deliver mobile apps across multiple operating systems and devices. InnoVet also understands that a mobile app must also be an integral part of a holistic mobile strategy. A strategy that makes good business sense and has a demonstrable ROI. We can help you with that!

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